The Galapagos Islands Remain One of the Best Places for Fans of Nature to Visit

Of all the world's many destinations, none are more famous for their wildlife than the Galapagos Islands. It was in the Galapagos Islands that Charles Darwin conducted the studies that led to his groundbreaking work, On the Origin of Species.

More than a hundred and fifty years later, the Galapagos Islands remain largely untouched and unspoiled. Specialists like metropolitan touring are well equipped to help travelers explore the islands in especially rewarding and memorable ways.

A Vacation to Remember for a Lifetime

The Galapagos Islands are geographically and environmentally isolated but not difficult to reach by modern means of transportation. While access is tightly controlled to ensure this natural treasure remains in excellent condition for future generations, visitors can expect to experience dozens of inimitable and striking sights.

For many, the opportunity to spot so many different, unique species of animals makes a trip to the Galapagos Islands essential. Some of the kinds of fauna that visitors can expect to encounter include:

Iguanas. The Galapagos Islands are home to both terrestrial and marine iguanas, each of which occurs in the form of species that cannot be seen anywhere else. The former can grow in weight to nearly fifteen pounds thanks to the many types of prey and fodder they can feast on in the islands. The marine iguanas of the Galapagos Islands are the only of their kind in the whole world and have adapted to their own environment by becoming obligate herbivores.

Tortoises. The Galapagos Islands are probably best known among travelers today for the strikingly large tortoises that are commonly found there. The Islands are only one of two places worldwide where tortoises of this stature can be seen, with some males tipping the scales at well over five hundred pounds each. With more than 6,500 giant tortoises occupying the archipelago, Isabela Island is home to more than any other.

Many More Spectacular Natural Sights Await

As those who seek out more galapagos islands info will discover, there are dozens more species of animals to be seen by travelers. As a result, any vacation to the Galapagos Islands will be filled with experiences that cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the world.